The Relaxation Area

The Litte Fall : the only noise at Le Roupillon' !
Click on the image or here to see and hear it !

The Pond under the Little Fall
Twelve Koi contracted a lease to stay there !

Two Outlooks for the Pond, the Koi and the Fall pouring from the Fjord :
The Gazebo and the Glider

Serve yourself a tea
sheltered by mosquito screens
in front of the fall

Come and Rock Your Dreams !

For your lunches...
Disposable Bar-B-Qs at your disposal for a low fee...



Note : In the french language, the word " Dépendance " has two different meanings :
1) its means a small building that depends on a larger one
2) its also means dependent to drugs, tobacco, etc.

We wish that this outbuilding be so much appreciated that people get dependent to it !!!
( which is a little bit the case --- indeed it's very hard for us to close it some nights !).

Le Roupillon owns a small arcade that gathers :

  • a standard Pool table
  • a Basketball game
  • a Foosball table mounted on bearings
  • classical arcade games station (2000+)
  • an electronic vocal Dart game which counts your points
  • Sofa and Stools to relax

All staged for you on Times Square...

Reminds you your younger days ?

Waiting for the departure
of your cruise...

Basketball arcade game !


Also, much more for you to discover...

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